Wholesale policy

Terms and conditions:


1-Making any wholesale deal does not cancel Classi’s right to open any branch anywhere and at any time.

2-Classy ym gives the wholesaler the right to sell at any price sees fit.

3-Classy ym gives the wholesaler a discount up to 30% from the prices that issued on the website.

4-The minimum quantity for one deal should not be less than 50 items.

5- Ordering: the customer who wants to make a deal chooses the bulk of the materials through the website, and after clicking on (proceed to checkout) and filling in all the data (address, payment method. and select place order)

The customer sends an email to: [email protected] and as CC

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Mentions the Following :

- The email is registered on the Classy website. 

- Quantities required for purchase. And waiting for a reply from classy ym team regarding the value of the discount granted to him, while the shipping fees stay fixed.

-In case the customer decides to complete the purchase process, he must confirm by replying to the same e-mail. Then he will receive an email notifying him that his cart has been updated and reduced to the value of the agreed-upon discount.
And then finish the process by paying the final amount after discounting his account on the website. 

He will receive a reply within two working days. 

Knowing that the weekly holiday for the Classy team is on Sunday of every week.       

- The deal is not considered complete unless the payment is made, as shipping takes place one day after the date of payment.

- Each wholesale buyer is considered to agree to the terms of the wholesale policy once he confirms the acceptance of the terms and conditions during the process of placing the order on the website.



- This Deal is for worldwide not for Wholesalers in United Arab Emailers *